How to Act Cool? - Voice Over Tip

How to Act Cool?

If you’re looking to accurately portray a composed character who is cool as a cucumber, you should test out these effective strategies without any hesitation.

Speak in a Slow and Measured Fashion

Cool, self-assured folks rarely if ever speak rapidly. If you want to sound too cool for school, you should take a cue from the most collected individuals in your life. Speaking rapidly can signify anxiety. That’s why you should steer clear of doing so any time you’re trying to make others feel at ease.

Remember, too, that fast speech is problematic for another big reason. If you talk too fast, then you’ll be a lot more vulnerable to saying the “wrong” thing. Speaking slowly can give you an air of wisdom. It can give you the luxury of being able to ponder your words meticulously as well.

Ditch Vocalized Pauses

People often use vocalized pauses without even realizing it. You probably say “um,” “hmm” or “uh” numerous times throughout the course of the day. Although vocalized pauses can conveniently buy speakers time, they’re a major no-no for any and all individuals who want to seem cool and laid-back.

If you rely heavily on vocalized pauses, you’ll seem a lot less certain about all of the concepts you’re trying to convey. Don’t forget that cool people believe in themselves and don’t second-guess their opinions and statements in general.

Keep Your Pitch Low

High-pitched voices don’t exactly sound suave. Low voices, however, are a whole other story. If you long for a cool and faraway vocal tone, then you should maintain a low pitch any time you talk. Pitches that are deep are simple for listeners to hear and take in; they make you appear more chill.

A voice that’s squeaky or higher may point to stress of some sort. If you want to seem like you don’t have a care in the world, then you should concentrate on keeping your voice low and welcoming. Minimizing shoulder, face, throat and mouth tension may get you on the path to sounding low-pitched and serene.

Pause With Great Frequency

Although you should definitely forget all about vocalized pauses, you shouldn’t forget “normal” pauses for a second. Pausing a lot can help you in your aforementioned quest to speak in a slow fashion. Beyond that, it can give the words you say more significance.

Pausing on a regular basis can make you seem cool and perhaps even wise beyond your years. It can stop you from sounding overly eager, too. If you want listeners to be able to absorb your words and meanings effectively, then you should use pauses any time you get the opportunity.

Refrain From Making Your Declarations Sound More Like Questions

It isn’t uncommon for people to make any and all of their sentences sound like questions. If you’re part of that category, then you should abandon the habit without thinking twice.

Making your sentences sound like questions can make you seem like a person who is searching for validation from others. That’s definitely not a “cool” or “laid-back” thing to do in any sense. People who want to seem chill tend to adopt consistent vocal tones. This makes them seem assertive instead of indecisive.

Say Goodbye to Filler

Think about the phrase “all killer, no filler.” People who are cool and composed tend to stay away from words and sentence fragments that basically waste time and take up space. “I mean” is an example. “You know” is yet another. You can sound cool simply by making filler words a thing of the dark past for you. Keep any and all of your statements direct.

If you want to convince the people you’re talking to that you’re self-assured and fully in control, then you should give your words the chance to stand on their own. Don’t cover them up using worthless and meaningless phrases.

Breathe Like a Champion

Deep breathing can help you sound composed and relaxed when you talk. Breathe into your stomach. Just say no to breathing lightly into your chest. If you take the second breathing approach, your vocal will seem anxious, feeble and far from tranquil and cool.

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