About Us

I am Julius, the owner, the leading writer and editor at Voiceovertip.com.

For two years, I’ve been working on a Youtube channel dedicated to story narrations where I’ve been writing, voice acting and producing audio content. While working with the channel, I’ve gone through the trouble of looking for lots of information regarding audio editing, recording equipment, voice exercises and plenty more.

Since 2020, I have been taking acting classes to help me understand the acting part of voiceovers. Also, I’ve started a Youtube channel Narativ where I focus more on software and how to use it to produce better audio quality.

With the team of writers at Voiceovertip.com, we go through in-depth research while working on each article to produce high-quality concise content for you and I hope we will make your learning process easier.

Voiceovertip.com is all about voice acting, sound engineering, recording equipment and everything audio-related.