3 Drinks That Make Your Voice Deeper

Drinking liquids can affect your voice in both ways, it can make it deeper and it can also make it higher. Some drinks can deepen your voice by making vocal cords bigger or by making you relax. The best way to deepen your voice is by drinking water or tea but you can attain a deeper voice drinking alcohol as well, although it comes with an obvious caveat.

In this article, we’ll look at how to optimize your drinking habits for the best results.

Make your voice deeper with water

Drinking lots of water is the simplest way to make your voice deeper. Retaining water in your body makes your cells bloat which then affects the size our body, including vocal cords. While you’re well hydrated your vocal cords are larger.

The depth of your voice primarily depends on the length and size of your vocal cords. The larger the vocal cords the less frequently they vibrate which creates a deeper voice. Therefore, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated will make your voice slightly deeper.

Alcohol helps to loosen vocal apparatus

Alcohol can help to make your voice deeper by making you more relaxed. While on alcohol our body tends to become looser and that’s one of the key aspects for lowering your voice. If the body gets tense the voice starts going up in the pitch and alcohol helps to combat it.

Obviously, you should drink responsibly and you can relax by other more appropriate methods such as stretching and vocal exercises but if we’re talking strictly about drinks, then alcohol is one of the methods.

However, alcohol tends to dehydrate your body which could then shrink your vocal cords and make your voice higher. For that reason, you should consume lots of water if you’re planning to use alcohol to deepen your voice.

Herbal tea can help to relax and keep you hydrated

Tea is another great liquid to make your voice deeper. It’s essentially the same water, but it’s warm. By drinking hot herbal tea you can warm up your vocal cords which will help to soothe them and give an influx of blood into them. This in return will make your vocal cords larger and they should vibrate less frequently resulting in a deeper voice.

In addition, drinking herbal tea such as chamomile or mint will help to relax and keep you hydrated at the same time.

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