How to Do Naruto’s Voice?

To sound like a dubbed Naruto version you will need to stay energetic and assertive, smile, shout, emphasize certain words, raise your pitch, overact and add slight hoarseness to the voice.

So here’s an in depth guide on how to do Naruto’s voice impression.

Stay energetic

The iconic Naruto voice is always energetic. Keep the energy up to sound like Naruto. You can involve sudden body movements and hand gestures to help to embody the character. Mimicking Naruto’s body movements will help to get into the character.


Naruto normally has a happy and goofy attitude. Try smiling when doing Naruto impressions to better convey happy character. When you smile your voice naturally tends to sound happier and it will also raise your pitch a bit. Adjust your body and your voice will follow.

Emphasize certain words

Naruto as a character loves to emphasize certain phrases such as “I will”, “I am going to”, “I can’t fail”. Try to put emphasis on these self encouraging phrases to better convey the voice of Naruto.


Naruto is such an extrovert character, doesn’t care if he sounds silly or obnoxious and loves to get carried away. Try to incorporate a little bit of shouting once in a while as it is one of the more prominent characteristics of Naruto.

Add slight hoarseness to your voice

Naruto’s character is voiced by a female American voice over artist Maile Flanagan who has a slightly hoarse voice. Try adding a bit of hoarseness to your voice to sound more like Naruto’s character

Shouting will definitely help, but you can also achieve a subtly hoarse voice by pushing some extra air out of your lungs. This will add some extra breath and hoarseness to the voice.

In addition, try warming up your voice with some vocal exercises such as lip trills and tongue rolls to add that warm fuzziness into your voice which is common for many voice actor voices.

Raise your pitch

Naruto is still a teen in the anime series and has a higher, young sounding voice. That’s why the character is played by a female voice actor.

You will want to raise your voice a bit to sound more like Naruto. To do so, imagine speaking from the upper part of your face mask. You can also read more on how to achieve a high voice in this article.


Naruto’s character is very assertive and never doubts himself. To sound more like Naruto finish your sentences strong. You don’t want to draw out your words.

Naruto speaks first and thinks later. Therefore, keep an assertive tone and finish your sentence strongly


Most of the anime is over the board in terms of acting. It would be weird if we spoke like they do in anime and overreacted to everything but that is the style of genre.

Naruto is a very emotional character even when compared to other anime characters. Put all your emotions and go way over the board when doing Naruto’s voice impression.

Change the tempo

When conveying Naruto’s character try changing the tempo once in a while. Naruto’s character is unpredictable and to him, some ideas occur randomly and suddenly in his head.

Naruto doesn’t bother to think about what he says hence once the idea comes into his head, he is going to spill it out without thinking about it first. Therefore, the tempo in his speech is often varying from regular to spurred.

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