How to Remove Echo in Audacity?

Most of the time echo will make your audio sound muddy, unclear and unpleasant. Primarily, to deal with echo you would want to avoid it by choosing a good environment for recording, however, if you already have a recording and need to deal with echo in post production then there’s a trick you can do.

I have to note it’s hard to remove echo in Audacity without losing audio quality because Audacity doesn’t have a built-in tool to deal with room acoustics. You could get ‘ERA 6 Reverb Remover’ plugin from Accusonus, it works quite well, however, you’ll have to get a monthly subscription. Alternatively, Adobe Audition has a great echo remover.

Here’s how to remove echo in Audacity:

  • Select your whole audio track
  • Go to Effect->Noise reduction
  • Click Get Noise Profile
  • Again go to Effect->Noise reduction and click OK
Applying Noise reduction to remove echo from audio recording in Audacity.

Your echo will be significantly reduced, however, you’ll lose a lot of volume and your audio will sound a lot thinner, therefore, now we’ll boost lower and high-end frequencies to get back some of the warmth and airiness in the vocals and we’ll then raise the volume:

  • Select your audio track
  • Go to Effect->Graphic EQ
  • Add ~5dB in 63Hz-250Hz range and 10kHz-16kHz range
  • Go to Effect->Normalize and set Peak amplitude to -1dB
EQ settings to add warmth and airiness to your audio after removing echo in Audacity.
Normalize settings to bring the volume up in Audacity.

Untreated audio with echo:

Audio after reducing echo in Audacity:

If you’re interested in building your own recording setup I recommend reading this article to learn about acoustic treatment gear and correct microphones for an echoey environment.

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