How to Sound Cute and Sweet?

Sweet voice is relaxed, a tad bit higher than usual and happy sounding. Various exercises, tips and tricks will help you to relax your vocal apparatus and make your voice sound sweeter. Some of which are long-term and others are quick remedies for an immediate change of the voice.

Speak in a slightly higher pitch

A natural sounding voice is the most pleasant to the ear. However, you might want to raise the pitch slightly to sweeten it up. We find higher voices to be more endearing and cute, therefore a little raise in pitch will give an effect of a sweet and cute voice. We tend to raise the pitch a bit when we speak with someone we like, in these circumstances it happens naturally.

The easiest way to induce a higher pitch is by imagining you’re talking to a puppy or a baby. In these instances, we tend to naturally pucker the lips and raise the pitch, however it may be over the board sometimes.

Don’t speak from your nose

Avoid speaking from your nose as that gives a harsh and unpleasantly sounding nasal voice. To sound cute you want to speak more from your mouth area rather than the upper part of your facial mask. Focus on feeling where your voice resonates the most, if it’s somewhere around the nose you want to push it down more towards the middle whereas it’s neither nasally nor throaty.

Also, for a nasal voice, an underlying issue could be a congested nose if that’s the case you’ll just have to wait for it to get better or use some remedies to treat it.

Lip thrills

Lip thrills is a great exercise to tune your voice to sound more natural. It will give some warmth to it and will tune your pitch to a more natural level. It’s a good initial exercise that will help you to find your natural voice from which point it’ll be easy to raise the pitch just a tad bit for the sweeter cute voice.

Just put your lips together and blow some air through them creating a thrill. It looks and sounds silly but it’s a good warm-up exercise to begin with.


Smiling changes the way you speak. Our voices are affected by the anatomy of our vocal cavities, including the facial region and mouth. When we smile it changes the resonance of our voice. Naturally, when we smile the voice becomes sweeter, cuter and more endearing. If you want to achieve a sweet voice, just smile a bit before speaking to set yourself in the mood and keep smiling while speaking.

You’ll notice how your voice naturally becomes sweet-sounding as it’s almost impossible to smile and sound grumpy at the same time. A lot of the voice actors use this trick to record children’s books, it’s very simple yet effective and will make an immediate impact on your voice making it much cuter.

Breathe slowly

Learn to control your breathing to avoid sounding tense. When breathing is abrupt and rushed we appear tenser. Rushed sentences and sharp breaths subconsciously convey that you’re under stress. Controlling your breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly will make you much more pleasant sounding.

To learn to control your breathing better try repeating some tongue twisters as fast as possible. It’ll help to control your breathing better which will make you sound more relaxed and sweet. Also, it’s a good exercise to improve articulation.

Clear your throat

Your voice might sound harsh and gritty due to the phlegm covering vocal cords. That’s especially common in the morning. To get rid of the rough voice and to sound more cute, clear your throat to remove some of the phlegm.

You can help yourself by humming and then gently coughing. It should make your morning voice disappear faster. The more you’ll use your voice the faster you’ll clear it and make it sound more natural and pleasing to the ear.

Preserve your voice

Damaging your vocal cords might be an issue that causes your voice to sound raspy which is not what you want when attempting a sweet-sounding voice. Avoid shouting, drinking and smoking to preserve your voice. By treating your voice with the care you’ll preserve it and make your voice sound sweeter to listen to.

Also, drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will help to extend the longevity of your vocal cords and make you sound softer. That’s one of the reasons why singers constantly drink water, especially during a concert.

Speak slower

Speaking slower will help to control your breathing better and will put your listener more at ease. For some characters speaking faster might also be suitable when attempting a cuter voice, but with a fast-paced speech, there’s always a risk of running out of breath and then getting tense.

Try to slow down when speaking to give yourself some room for taking slow deep breaths and it’ll help you to maintain a sweet and cute voice.

Fix your posture

Having a bad posture restricts the airflow through your respiratory system. The quality of our voices largely depends on the body’s anatomy. By slouching you restrict some of the vocal cavities and create tension which is never good for your voice.

To sound cute and sweet try to maintain a good posture. Usually, a good way to fix a bad posture is by strengthening some of the back muscles. That helps to hold your body in a straight position.

Record yourself

Finally, record yourself when attempting a cute and sweet voice. Go through the list of tips above and see how you apply them in practice. When you record yourself it’s easier to spot some of the mistakes you make that you might not be aware of while recording.

At first, you will most likely cringe while listening to your recordings but it’s a good way of keeping a track of your progress. Hearing slight improvements will give you some motivation to keep going.

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