How to Sound Like a Guy?

To sound more like a guy you will have to relax your upper body, speak slower, hold the breath, lower your pitch, whisper and speak from your throat. Learning belly breathing and performing breathing exercises will help to further develop a convincing guy’s voice.

If you don’t need to do a guy’s voice live, then you can also very easily mimic a guy’s voice by applying software effects.

Men speak more from a throat

An average male voice is about 20% lower in pitch compared to the average female voice. To sound like a guy you will have to lower your pitch by speaking more from your throat.

You can practice changing your pitch by placing a hand on your throat while speaking deeper from your throat. You should be able to feel resonance in your throat which will help to better understand whether you are doing it correctly.

Holding the breath will create vocal fry

Holding breath and exhaling less air will help to create a vocal fry which will make your voice sound harsher, raspier and rougher.

Belly breathing gives more air

If you manage to learn belly breathing it will give you more air for your voice to work with. This means you will have more flexibility when applying various techniques, such as vocal fry.

Also, learning to use your diaphragm will help to relax and speak with a deeper voice which is also a trait of a male’s voice.

You can learn more about how to strengthen and use your diaphragm in this article:


To achieve male’s voice you have to learn to relax, especially in the shoulder and neck area.

It is very effective to do relaxing exercises to help relieve the tension. To relax your upper body try swinging your arms back and forth. This should help with shoulder and neck tension.

It is also very beneficial to relax mouth muscles by yawning. Try yawning for a couple of minutes just before beginning recording, it should help to relax small muscles in your mouth and throat.

Speak slower

To sound more manly, try speaking slowly. In general, women speak faster than men, so by slowing the pace you will sound manlier.

Also, speaking slower will help to control your breathing better as you will have more opportunities to take a breath between long pauses.

Speak quieter

Speak with a bit of a hushed voice. When we speak quieter, we naturally tend to use less air and it also causes our voice to appear warmer and lower.

Change pitch in software

The easiest way to sound like a guy is to change pitch and apply EQ in your software.

You can find both Change pitch and EQ effects in a free software called Audacity. However, any other DAW should also include these effects.

Adjust EQ by increasing 100Hz-400Hz range by 4dB or more if needed. Cut 4dB or more if needed in 5kHz-20kHz range.

EQ settings

Then try reducing pitch by 8 semitones with Change Pitch effect. If 8 semitones is not enough then lower it even more till it sounds like a male’s voice.

Change Pitch settings

If you are recording then you will get the best results by applying all the methods mentioned above and then using software to further adjust your voice.

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