How to Sound More Feminine?

Having a more feminine voice is a virtue that can be acquired by educating the vocal cords to achieve that goal. Feminine voice is a morphological attribute that can be worked on so that the voice acting is projected outwardly as the woman desires. Voice over is something that can be managed at will if you apply the right exercises.

Here are some valuable tips to project sound feminine.

Breathing correctly

A more feminine sound is an attribute that can be achieved by correctly subduing both breathing and voice modulation. The key is to master diaphragmatic breathing to modulate different tones of voice, obtaining that more feminine sound you are looking for.

The first thing to do is to raise the soft palate. You must posturally build a square with the neck. This will be maintained with the goal that the modulation, by means of the vocal cords, the constrictor and levator muscles will be convenient. The morphology of the internal acoustic screen should project the sound directly so that the more feminine sound will be manifested externally. The upper pharyngeal constrictor muscle, which is located above the soft palate, should also be used. By controlling the constrictor muscle, the desired sonority is achieved.

Knowing your true voice completely

One of the fundamental keys to sounding more feminine is to first fully know your own voice. The voice cannot be changed artificially, but it can be changed through various smart techniques. To begin with, it is necessary to perform daily voice warm-up exercises to take care of the voice and avoid injuries. In this way, you will learn to use your voice at will without forcing or hurting it.

To sound more feminine you must unlock some aspects of the true voice to achieve the desired voice performance. Start by speaking through a higher tone of voice, going outside the average fundamental frequency of women, which varies between 180 to 250 Hz. You should strive to speak clearly through a larger space between the vowels you pronounce. This way you will speak fluently and therefore you’ll sound feminine.

Acquiring softness in speech

In order for the voice to project outwardly through a more feminine sound, one must speak more softly. This softness is acquired through light articulatory contact. This is achieved by briefly touching the lips, tongue and other articulators when generating consonant sounds during a conversation.

If you want to outwardly project a more feminine sound you must add this subtle but smart strategy: speak clearly. This is achieved by speaking in various tones, spacing the vowels you pronounce and speaking in a higher feminine fundamental frequency. During your speech, you should be true to your emotions and maintain an attitude that reflects how you feel. Rest assured that if you follow these ideas, others will perceive a more feminine sound in your voice.

Nuances of nonverbal communication

If you want to project a more feminine sound through your voice you must take into account some aspects of nonverbal communication that will help you achieve your goal. Your voice acting should manifest empathy for others and emotional commitment. In this way, others will perceive your voice as more feminine because affectivity is directly related to women. As for body language, it is convenient that you show fluid gestures. If you apply these subtle strategies, others will perceive a more feminine sound in your voice.

Working on the resonance of the voice

If you want to manifest a feminine sound you must work on the resonance of your voice. Feminine speech is perceived more in the oral and forward projected part of the body. Keep in mind that if you increase the resonance you will increase the pitch. The sound of your voice will be clearer and more melodious. Others will inevitably perceive a more feminine sound in your voice.

Basically, you will have to work the muscles around the larynx to support it in a different way than usual and thus produce a greater resonance. The key is to be consistent with voice training to achieve the desired feminine sound. Forward focused resonance is one of the best techniques for acquiring a more feminine sound, but you must be willing to commit to the effort involved.

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