Which Microphones Have Built-In Pop-Filter?

Microphones with built-in pop-filters are quite prevalent and as many or even more microphones come with custom pop-filters dedicated to the specific model. People love microphones with built-in pop-filters as they don’t cover the design of the microphone and since podcasts have become a thing and gaming was always there, you often want to have your good-looking microphone in view. In other cases, such as it became with the iconic Shure SM7B, the custom pop-filter complements how the microphone looks.

The membrane within the microphone is designed to sense relatively subtle vibrations and is easily overloaded by too much input. Hence, the air hitting the diaphragm often overloads the sensor and creates an unpleasant distorted sound. A pop-filter will reduce such plosives created by your mouth pushing out sudden air. It works by dissipating puffs of air before they reach the sensitive membrane of your microphone. Therefore, pop-filters are often built-in into microphones or included as an accessory in a package.

I have provided two lists of popular microphones, one of the microphones with built-in pop-filters and another of microphones with custom pop-filters included in a package.

Microphones with built-in pop-filter:

MicrophoneTypePrice ($)
Rode PodMicDynamic100$
Rode ProcasterDynamic170$
Shure 55SHDynamic200$
Shure 55SH DeluxeDynamic250$
Electro-Voice RE320Dynamic300$
Rode BroadcasterCondenser420$
Electro-Voice RE20Dynamic450$
Electro-Voice RE27NDDynamic500$
Neumann KMS 105Condenser700$
Neumann BCM 705Dynamic700$
Neumann TLM 102Condenser730$
Microphones with built-in pop-filter

Microphones with external pop-filter included:

MicrophoneTypePrice ($)
Lewitt LCT 240 ProCondenser160$
Rode NTG1Shotgun185$
Rode NT1-ACondenser200$
Rode NT1 KitCondenser230$
Lewitt LCT 440Condenser270$
AKG C 451 BCondenser315$
AKG Pro C214Condenser350$
Stellar X3Condenser350$
Rode NT2-ACondenser380$
Shure SM7BDynamic400$
Lewitt LCT 540 SubzeroCondenser700$
Neumann KM 184Condenser850$
AKG Pro Audio C414 XLIICondenser960$
Sennheiser Professional MKH 416Shotgun1,000$
Lewitt LCT 940 Reference ClassCondenser1,700$
Neumann U 87 AiCondenser3,600$
Microphones with external pop-filter

The prices above are as of August 2022.

Different types of external pop-filters:

  • Metal mesh pop-filter – usually the most pricy and premium-looking. I like them because they often don’t have edges around the mesh that would block the vision when reading a script and also they won’t tear
  • Nylon mesh pop-filter – a lower tier pop-filters compared to metal mesh. However, in terms of performance, there’s little to no difference. Also, they are very cheap.
  • Foam pop-filter – even cheaper than nylon mesh pop-filters and also help to reduce wind noise as they cover the microphone from all directions. However, they color the voice a bit.

Primarily, pop-filters were created as a method to avoid inadvertent spit collecting into the microphone from speaking into it. Also, built-in and cover-up foam pop-filters are great at preventing dust from reaching the insides of the microphone. All of which helps to prolong the longevity of the microphone.

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