6 Easy to Learn Voice Impressions for Beginners

Those who are starting to work in the field of voice-over, acting, journalism, events presenter, etc. have the voice as their main tool. They must train the voice in different ways in order to perfect it over time. One of those ways is to capture voice impressions that belong to famous celebrities or characters, which are easy for beginners to work with. In this way, training becomes enjoyable and a good command of the voice is achieved.

Here is a list of 6 easy to learn voice impressions for beginners.

Homer Simpson

Voice characteristics: deep, comical, warm.

Homer Simpson is the main character of the animated series The Simpsons and one of the most famous fictional characters on international television. Homer’s voice is unique and has several nuances that are easy to learn for beginners. First of all, you should know that each character’s voice is influenced by his personality, behavior and emotional world.

Therefore, you should pay attention to these aspects so that you can then project a voice impression that is consistent with the voice of that character. Homer Simpson is a tender, insecure character who is often wrong in his decisions. His tone of voice is deep, warm, comical, and it is crossed by emotions such as anger, astonishment and resignation, among many others. To mimic his voice it is advisable to listen to the character experiencing a wide variety of emotions, so it will be easier to fully grasp it.

Bugs Bunny

Voice characteristics: high-pitched, comical, guttural, nasal

Bugs Bunny is a famous cartoon created in 1940, belonging to the Looney Tunes cartoon series. Bugs Bunny’s voice is absolutely unique and easy to distinguish audibly. The cute rabbit has a high-pitched, comical and throaty voice that fits perfectly with his way of being.

Bugs Bunny is defiant, teasing, mischievous and has a hard time adapting to established norms. His laugh is very noticeable and rather guttural. The key to imitating this voice is to speak with an emphasis on high-pitched tones. Bugs Bunny speaks very fast, so it is advisable to first learn the voice impression and then speak fast as the cartoon does.

If you pay close attention to this character’s voice, you will notice that he expresses himself through a mix of Bronx and Brooklyn accents, which can help you mimic his voice. Note also that his voice is markedly nasal and sounds bounce off the roof of his mouth.

Clint Eastwood

Voice characteristics: deep, dark, low

Clint Eastwood is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors and a symbol of masculinity for American culture. Eastwood has always played rough, spare, inveterate characters, which has been reflected in his voice acting. The actor usually uses a lot of silence, so that his words acquire a greater value.

As the artist always plays roles of traditional masculinity, his voice is necessarily dark and deep. If you observe it carefully, you will notice that sometimes he growls because the characters he plays demand it.

The key to imitating this voice is to acquire a classic masculine imprint, and in this way, the voice impression work will be more fluid. His voice timbre is low, with high intensity, reflecting the harshness of the characters he plays. His voice-over is relentless, projecting great self-assurance. Eastwood breathes slowly when he speaks and this is projected in a markedly masculine voice.

Morgan Freeman

Voice characteristics: deep, pleasant

Morgan Freeman has one of the most iconic and distinctive voices in cinema. Freeman is known for his deep, slow-paced voice, which is incredibly pleasant to listen to. The actor has perfect diction, which is why he has been a successful presenter of several documentaries.

The key to imitating this voice is to acquire a low tone, speak clearly and speak at a slow pace. Your diction must be impeccable, as Freeman communicates verbally without mistakes.

If you listen carefully to his voice, you will notice that the actor emphasizes a lot of the consonants at the end of each word when he speaks. This prodigious voice is imitated through a methodical work since several aspects must be taken into account to get it right. Freeman’s voice is projected harmoniously, demonstrating a certain authority as he expresses himself.

Angelina Jolie

Voice characteristics: deep, sensual

Angelina Jolie has one of the most distinctive female voices in Hollywood. Jolie has an alto voice register, the lowest pitch among female voices. The actress has always played defiant and rebellious characters. These characteristics are reflected in voice acting and must be taken into account when imitating her.

The artist modulates her words very well and this is reflected in a clear, harmonic and pleasant to hear voice. When Jolie speaks in public you can notice that she expresses a certain authority in her words, using a persuasive tone of voice to communicate various ideas. If you listen closely to her tone, you will notice that it breaks when she talks about difficult subjects that move her.

The actress is a highly sensitive woman and this is reflected in her conversation. The artist’s voice is naturally sensual, regardless of the context in which she is speaking.

Eric Cartman

Voice characteristics: high-pitched, nasal, tends to shout when talking

Eric Cartman is the most famous character in the adult animated series South Park. His voice is easily distinguishable and has several edges worth knowing. Eric is an eight-year-old boy with an incredibly high-pitched voice, he shouts during conversations and tends to put letters together when pronouncing certain words.

To mimic this voice it is necessary to squeeze the nostrils, as this child has a characteristic nasal voice. Before finishing a sentence, Eric often pauses to emphasize what he is about to say.

The key to imitating Eric’s voice well is to sharpen your tone of voice as much as possible so that the other characteristics will flow naturally. Before starting to work on this voice impression, it is necessary to observe the personality of this child: spoiled, ill-mannered, angry.

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