How to Sound Like Elmo from Sesame Street?

Elmo standing with other character friends

Elmo is a puppet character from the kids’ show Sesame Street. So in this article, we’ll overview some tips from the internet on how to do an Elmo voice impression.

Raise the tongue

First of all, try raising the tongue at the back of your throat so that it’s at one level throughout. It will help with the resonance of your voice and get you closer to sounding more like Elmo.

Drop soft palate (add some nasal qualities)

Elmo sounds a tad bit nasally. In order to achieve nasal voice try dropping the soft palate which forces more resonance within your nose. You can also try focusing on your nose which should naturally add more resonance within your nasal cavities.

Sound incoherent

Elmo isn’t necessarily very coherent and seems to mumble R and L letters. Therefore, when doing Elmo’s voice impression practice speaking with a slight incoherence, especially when pronouncing Rs and Ls. In addition, overstretch ‘A’ and ‘O’ letters, this will add some childish excitement to the voice.

Stay excited and abrupt

Elmo is always pretty excited. Also, he’s not very consistent. Try to overemphasize everything you say and do some irregular pauses when impersonating Elmo’s voice to nail his character. You can incorporate thinking sounds like ‘mhmmm’ and then suddenly snap out of it with a burst of energy.

Speak in the third person

Elmo speaks in the third person. He refers to himself by his name and instead of using ‘you’ he speaks the name of a person. Therefore, don’t ever use ‘I’ or ‘you’ when talking about yourself in Elmo’s voice. Instead, use names when speaking about yourself or somebody else.

Use high pitched voice

Elmo speaks in a high-pitched voice. To sound more like Elmo try to focus on speaking more for the top of your head rather than a throat, this way you’ll have a higher-pitched voice that’s more in line with Elmo’s voice.

Integrate occasional laughter

There’s also a mannerism in the way Elmo speaks. To do a good Elmo’s voice impression try to integrate occasional laughter once in a while. Remember that it’s a kids’ show and the character has an upbeat voice. Try sounding as happy and optimistic as possible to mimic the way Elmo speaks. You can also sound a bit naive to perfect Elmo’s impression.

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