How to Sound Like Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse has an iconic voice that is high pitched, soft, energetic and upbeat. To sound like Mickey Mouse you will have to learn to speak in falsetto, use your throat to add warmth and resonance to the voice and finish your sentences in an energetic fashion.

Mickey Mouse uses a high-pitched voice (falsetto)

Mickey Mouse’s voice is in falsetto register. To learn Mickey Mouse impression you will have to learn to attain a falsetto voice.

When speaking in falsetto your vocal cords are supposed to be thinned. Therefore, to reach your falsetto voice it helps to raise and stretch your head upwards.

You can practice your falsetto voice by attempting to create a child’s voice or mimicking young puppy sounds. Another exercise for high-pitched voice is expressing “eee” sound in the highest voice possible.

You can watch this video for more guidance:

Add warmth and roundness to your voice to sound like Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse’s voice is high-pitched, however, at the same time, it is quite rounded and soft. To add softness to your voice try lowering your tongue at the back of your mouth. It will give more space in your throat for resonance

Also, raising your soft palate will extend the cavity at the end of your mouth which will add even more resonance and create a more rounded voice which is characteristic for Mickey Mouse.

Sound happy and energetic to achieve Mickey Mouse voice

Mickey Mouse is always happy and energetic. You can try to slightly smile while speaking which will add a happy tone to your voice.

In addition, Mickey Mouse voice is energetic and he likes to articulate words with a lot of energy and emphasis. The way he speaks is quite close to shouting. So try to keep that energy up and emphasize each world separately while maintaining a happy tone. Also, speed up your pace to nail the voice as Mickey Mouse is a fast talker.


To sound like Mickey Mouse apply these tips:

  • Use a falsetto voice
  • Lift your head up
  • Lift your soft palate
  • Lower your tongue at the back of your mouth
  • Sound energetic
  • Smile
  • Emphasize each word
  • Talk fast

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