How to Sound Like Corpse Husband?

Corpse Husband has a very distinctive deep and raspy voice. To sound like Corpse Husband you will have to add lots of vocal fry, lower your voice as much as possible and add breathiness. Some voice deepening exercises might also help to achieve the voice. Finally, you can tweak your voice recording with EQ and compression or use a mixer if you need to perform live.

How to add vocal fry to your voice?

To do vocal fry create “aaaah” sound using as little air as possible. That’s pure vocal fry. You will now have to learn to add it to your speech which will make you sound more like Corpse Husband.

Once you know how to do vocal fry, practice it while speaking. It should add a gravel tone to your voice.

Technically vocal fry is created by compressing vocal cords which tightens them and disallows air to come out freely. This creates irregular airflow and popping which is what we know as vocal fry.

How to speak with a deeper voice?

To achieve a similar depth of voice as Corpse Husband you will have to lower your pitch by quite a bit. Although it helps if you already have a deep voice.

You can lower pitch by tucking your head slightly and creating tension in the throat area. You should feel your adam’s apple lowering. At the same time, try breathing through the diaphragm to be able to push more air and contain deep voice for longer. You should immediately produce a significantly deeper voice than usual.

Vocal exercises to make your voice permanently deeper

Try using vocal exercises to make your voice permanently deeper, or you can do them as a warm-up before applying Corpse Husband’s voice. You will hear an immediate difference in your voice once you apply these exercises.

Perform these exercises to make your voice permanently deeper:

  • Humming – create “hmmm” sound and hold it for as long as possible
  • Yawning – yawn to relax your mouth and throat muscles
  • Stretching – stretch your upper body to make it more relaxed
  • Tongue roll – create “rrrrr” sound with your tongue
  • Lip roll – create “brrrr” sound with your lips
  • Belly breathing – put a book on your belly when laying down and breathe through the diaphragm

You can read more on how to achieve deeper voice here.

How to sound breathy?

To sound breathy lift the soft palate in your mouth. It should feel a bit like yawning. Now get closer to the microphone if you are recording and push an excessive amount of air from your mouth.

Getting closer to the mic will help to pick up your breath better and you will make use of a proximity effect which will add depth to your voice. It is best done with a dynamic microphone.

How to edit your voice to sound like Corpse Husband’s?

To make your voice sound more like Corpse Husband’s you can use an equalizer, change pitch and compression effects. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Using equalizer raise frequencies in the 40-500Hz range by up to 5dB.
  • Using change pitch lower your pitch by a few semitones at first and if needed lower even more.
  • Apply compression to make your voice more compressed. Here’s a guide on how to use compression.

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