How to Make Voice Recording Sound Like a Phone Call?

Phone call EQ settings

To make audio recording sound like a phone call you will need to use an equalizer. You will have to set your EQ settings to the following:

  • Reduce frequencies at 500Hz and below by 15dB
  • Reduce frequencies at 6,000Hz and above by 15dB
  • Boost frequencies from 600Hz to 5,000Hz by 2dB

You may cut more at 0Hz-500Hz and 6,000Hz-20,000Hz and boost at 600Hz-5,000Hz if you want a more significant phone call effect.

Also, some DAWs may offer EQ presets designed to make your voice sound like on a phone, you might as well try using it.

This method is designed to replicate how phone calls sound.

500Hz-5,000Hz frequency range gives the most presence to your voice. Phone devices focus on this range to give your voice clarity which creates a specific phone call sound that is clear, but at the same time a bit harsh and tiny.

Use your phone

A second method to create phone call audio is by actually using a phone. Calling your phone and recording the conversation into the microphone will give an authentic phone call voice impression.

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