How to Convert Mono to Stereo and Stereo to Mono in Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is mainly built for video editing. However, you can do some simple audio editing with the software, including converting your mono track into a stereo version and vice versa.

Changing Clip Channel format in Premiere Pro.

To convert a mono track into a stereo track in Adobe Audition, follow these steps:

  • Import your audio or video file into Premiere Pro project by clicking the right mouse button in the project section and choosing the Import option.
  • Click with the right mouse button on your imported file and choose Modify->Audio Channels.
  • To convert a mono track into a stereo, choose Stereo in the Clip Channel Format menu and make sure both the left and right channels boxes are checked.
  • To convert a stereo track into a mono, choose Mono in the Clip Channel Format menu.
  • Click OK.
Converting a mono audio track into a stereo track.

If you leave one of the Clip channel boxes unchecked when converting a mono track to stereo, you’ll have no sound on one of the sides when listening through a stereo device. L stands for the left side and R stands for the right side.

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