How to Get Deep Voice Fast?

You can make your voice sound deeper fast with a couple of quick exercises and adjustments. Quick vocal exercises such as yawning, funny facial expressions and humming will immediately add some depth to your voice. In addition, if you manage to relax your upper body, lower Adam’s apple and speak slowly from the throat you will be able to sound significantly deeper immediately.


To achieve a deep voice you need more resonance. For that, you need to have your mouth and facial muscles relaxed. Yawning uses a lot of mouth and facial muscles and will stretch them out. Furthermore, you can make some funny facial expressions and massage your face to fully relax the tiny muscles in your face.

Vocal exercises

Similarly to yawning vocal exercises will loosen up your vocal cavities and allow more resonance. Try the following vocal exercises for immediately deeper voice:

  • Humming
  • Lip rolls
  • Lip thrills

For more exercises check this article.

Relax upper body

Perform stretching exercises and self-massage to loosen up your shoulders and neck, this will expand the amplitude of your voice. You can try lifting your head up and down and stretching it to the sides. Then loosen up your arms and swing them back and forth to relax your shoulders or apply any other stretching exercises you know.

You can try quickly massaging your neck and shoulders for even better results. Also, a relaxing shower or bath can help.

Lower Adam’s Apple

Lowering Adam’s apple will immediately make your voice sound significantly deeper. You can put a hand onto Adam’s apple to track it. Now try nodding your head down, this will naturally make your Adam’s apple to go down and you’ll notice an immediate difference in your voice depth.

Speak from the back of your throat

To add even more depth try speaking from the back of your throat. You should feel as if there was a lump at the back of your throat, try to move in as deep as possible to immediately achieve a deeper voice.

Speak slowly

Speaking slowly will make your vocal folds vibrate less frequently which is what the deep voice is all about – lower frequencies. So try to speak slowly, it’ll make your voice a lot deeper compared to when you speak fast.

You can find more exercises for a deep voice here and some software tricks here.

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