How to Sound Like an Anime Girl?

Anime girls have high-pitched voice and exaggerate emotions a lot. To sound more like an anime try increasing the pitch of your voice, speaking in a hushed whisper, smile and restrict resonance in your voice. Also, if you’re not performing live, you have can use software to adjust your voice even more.

Raise the pitch

Anime girls have very high-pitched voices. You’ll have to try and raise your pitch as high as possible to sound more like an anime girl. You can raise the pitch by speaking from the upper part of your face instead of a throat. This is what we call a bright, airy voice.

If raising the pitch is troublesome try to pretend that you’re speaking to a puppy or something else cute. Naturally, when we speak to a cute animal we raise our pitch. To help yourself track how you’re doing put the hand on your Adam’s apple (girls have it too, although it’s not as protruded), it should go up when you speak in a higher voice.


Anime characters tend to have bright, happy voice. Try smiling to evoke a happy voice. When you change your facial expressions and body language your voice tends to follow. Therefore, it’s much easier to sound happy when you put a wide grin on your face.

Add breathiness

Anime girls add a lot of breath to their voice. Try to sound breathy by pushing more air out of your lungs. This might be hard since you will run out of air much faster. To make it easier for yourself, practice breathing through the diaphragm. This way you’ll have more air to work with.

In addition, getting in shape will also help to increase your lungs capacity. You can read this article for some breathing exercises. When breathing through diaphragm your chest and shoulders shouldn’t rise much, that’s how you know that you’re breathing correctly.

Exaggerate emotions

Anime characters in general are much more emotional and exaggerated than real people. To sound more like an anime character try to exaggerate emotions. Once in a while you can even shout.

To practice exaggerating emotions pick up a book or a manual and read it with over the board exaggerated emotions. This way you’ll expand your range of emotions and learn to apply it to your anime girl voice.

Close your mouth

Try closing your mouth and making it as small as possible when speaking. Sort of like when making a duck face. It will naturally raise the pitch of your voice and add some cuteness to how you sound which is what you look for when making an anime girl voice. It also helps to reduce the space in which your voice can resonate.

Articulate more softly

To sound more like an anime girl try to round up and soften the way you speak. You can even add some lisp to achieve the wanted effect. Again, this will help with making your voice sound cute.


Whisper in a quiet voice to make it sound more feminine and anime like.

Restrict resonance in your voice

Restricting resonance will help to control the lower frequencies of your voice that you want to avoid. Try to stick out your neck forwards or raise the head towards the ceiling to restrict resonance within your neck. This way you’ll reduce lower frequencies in your voice and make your voice sound more like a high-pitched anime girl.


Relax your upper body muscles when attempting an anime girl voice. Any voice impression requires you to increase the range of your vocal capabilities. When we tense up it’s hard to use the voice to the best of our abilities.

Try to do some upper body stretching or massages when going for an anime girl voice. Exercises such as yawning and funny facial expressions will help to loosen up your mouth and face muscles.

Adjust your voice with software

Finally, if you’re recording your voice and don’t necessarily need to have an anime voice on the go you can change the pitch and some frequencies in your voice using EQ and Pitch effects. Slightly reduce lower frequencies up to 500Hz and raise the high-end frequencies above 2kHz range to make your voice sound brighter.

With pitch changer, you can increase your pitch by a couple of semitones to make it appear more anime girl like.

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