How Much Do Audio Engineers Make?

Audio engineering jobs on average pay $45k-$55k per year. An entry-level audio engineer may expect to earn $27k per year, while an experienced audio engineer can earn as much as $117k annually.

Freelance audio engineering work can pay as little as $5 per gig or as much as $1,000 for a large project, the rates fluctuate a lot, but typically you should expect to earn around $20-$30 per hour. You will find plenty of lowball offers in the freelance market, while the larger, more luxurious projects will be rare to find.

How much do audio engineering jobs pay?

Indeed reports an average audio engineer salary at $21.40 per hour which is roughly $3,850 per month or $46k per year. CareerExplorer shows similar results with a median audio engineer salary reaching $25.59 per hour ($4,608 per month, $55k per year). Also, entry-level audio engineers are reported to earn $27k per year, while top audio engineers earn as much as $117k per year.

How much do freelance audio engineers make?

On CastingCallClub most of the audio engineering gigs pay around $10-$50 with an occasional gig offering $100 or above, however, audio engineering gigs on CastingCallClub are rare and won’t provide steady work.

Upwork, on the other hand, offers plenty of audio engineering gigs that vary in budget quite a bit. You’ll find projects offering as little as $5 and projects with a budget of up to $1,000. Hourly rates also fluctuate a lot but most of them hover around $20-$30 range.

On Fivver, the majority of basic audio engineering services are provided for less than $50, with most of them hovering around the $20-$30 range. At this price point, you can receive pro-level quality, so the competition is fierce. A lot of beginning audio engineers offer services at a minimum cost of $5 per gig and even top-end audio engineers rarely go above $100 per gig even for more complex tasks.

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